Use a raspberry pi to make a portable wifi mesh network

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Ad-hoc messaging infrastructure for peer-to-peer communication. Authors; Authors and affiliations on a wide variety of hardware including inexpensive hardware with wireless capabilities such as the Raspberry Pi or the ESP8266 Wi-Fi microcontroller. Instead of each node knowing about every other node on the network, each CJDNS node is

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Contribute to cjdns development by creating an account on GitHub. Latest release 20. 1 - Published Feb 27, 2018 - 3. 53K stars ESP8266MQTTMesh. An Arduino for ESP8266 self-assembling Mesh network built around the MQTT protocol supporting OTA Latest release 1. 0. 4 - Updated Mar 27, 2018 - 151 stars stl_io. STL input and output.

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Forked from hamishcoleman/cjdns_tool. Talk to the cjdns admin interface on a super minimal debian system - without installing any packages Perl

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NYC Mesh. Map Blog Docs Support Get Connected Volunteer FAQ. Meshberry v0. 2 DEPRECATED - our latest firmware can be found here. cjdns installed (with init script) After following the installation steps below, cjdns will be running and ready to auto-peer on it’s Ethernet port.

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jdns 20. 2: Advanced mesh routing system with cryptographic addressing ESP8266 and ESP32 serial bootloader utility: etcd

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Esp8266 cjdns

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The latter is not straightforward but someone did so in a video posted in these comments. Grustaf 22 days ago They might remove the drm as a final act of goodwill

Esp8266 cjdns

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ad-0. 0. 23b -- Real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare 0d1n-2. 3 -- Open source web HTTP fuzzing tool and bruteforcer 0verkill-0. 16_2 -- 0verkill is a bloody 2D action Dea

Esp8266 cjdns

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se an overlay network like i2p or cjdns. problem solved wlievens 11 months ago Of those, only real time energy usage monitoring is really interesting, I think.

Esp8266 cjdns

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jdns — encrypted ipv6 mesh networking Operating Systems. OpenBSD — used in OpenSSH, LibreSSL, authentication authorization for my ESP8266 project ESP8266-Arduino-cryptolibs — Collection of strong crypto libs that can be included in Arduino-core for ESP8266 curve25519-java — Pure Java and JNI backed Curve25519 implementation

Esp8266 cjdns

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Esp8266 cjdns

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CTRL-H Hackerspace. 7608 N Interstate Ave. Portland, Oregon 97217 ESP8266 for Beginners The ESP8266 allows you to create small microcontroller based projects that can be controlled via web interfaces. If you have a chance, set up cjdns and iperf on your systems ahead of time. (this is optional and should not deter new meshnet members

Esp8266 cjdns

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Wie ktos moze jaki bylby najtanszy i zarazem najbardziej energooszcezdny mikrokontroler/SBC na ktorym mozna odpalic cjdns? #meshnet #elektronika #raspberrypi. Dzieki za info, ale pokombinuje czy moze na ESP8266 nie da sie tego postawic. udostępnij . …

Esp8266 cjdns

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rduinoOTA-1. 2. 0-- OTA upload tool for Arduino/ESP8266 arena-0. 9. 13_2-- C-like scripting language with automatic memory management ares-1. 1. 1_1-- Asynchronous DNS resolver library argdata-0. 7_3-- Binary serialisation format inspired by YAML, MessagePack and nvlists argouml-0. 34_1-- UML design tool with cognitive support